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The Evangelical Labor Institute (ELI)

is a coalition of evangelical Christians committed to advancing a Christian vision of economic egalitarianism based on the truth of the Bible, Christian tradition, and the best social science available. 

Our mission:

Forming Christians to understand and articulate a vision of economic egalitarianism, rooted in the biblical narrative, and have the tools to understand how biblical economic egalitarianism can be practically implemented.

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equal in God's image, human beings were designed to care for creation as co-rulers with God. 


human beings decide to rule the world on their own terms, creating oppression and injustice that grieves God.


humanity and the whole creation is the work of Christ, who has put us right in advance in order to put God's world to right once and for all.

Our Goals

Help evangelical Christians understand why economic inequality, deprivation, and suffering happen, and how they distort the fundamental Christian ideals of work, creation, and human dignity.

Help evangelical Christians understand the messy world of politics, policy, and economic thought so they can think wisely about how they can enact the love of neighbor in public and economic life.

Give evangelical Christians the best biblical and theological resources for a robust understanding of why economic egalitarianism is central for a Christian witness to the spheres of economics and politics.

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Our Team

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Dawson Vosburg



Sharon Kuruvilla



Gerhard Stuebben

Contributing writer


Patrick Bourckel

Contributing writer

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